Banbury Postiche - Driven by quality. We are proud to say that our business is fully ISO 9001 registered and audited and has maintained this for over 30 years.


Banbury Postiche is proud to have been chosen as the official training head supplier for UK Skills . Banbury Postiche prides itself on quality and service, and has had a long association with the competition. The heads and pieces have been specially chosen to give you outstanding results.

Ethical Policy

Banbury Postiche Ethical Materials Supply Statement:


Banbury Postiche fully supports the responsible and ethical sourcing of materials used in making our products. This includes hair used in hair extensions and wig making.


All of our materials are sourced from traceable sources where hair donation is made willingly, and the proceeds from the sale are put directly back into the local communities.

We have worked with the same network of suppliers for many years and are confident in the sourcing; processing and supply chains that every effort is made to ensure responsibility and ethicality.


Banbury Postiche only every buys hair that has been directly cut from the head and is root point correct, cuticle intact, thus avoiding the labour-intensive process of turning to achieve this.

Hair is sold as Cut or Combed, combed is hair that falls to the floor or is collected from combs, hairbrushes and floors, this is all mixed root and point and requires intensive manual labour to achieve the root point the condition necessary for use in hairdressing, hair extensions, wigs and added hairpieces.


All European Hair preparation is carried out by Banbury Postiche by their team based in the UK, there is no third party processing, all hair is purchased as raw hair so that Banbury Postiche can give a heritage of any processing from a natural state to the specification required by each customer.