Banbury Postiche - Driven by quality. We are proud to say that our business is fully ISO 9001 registered and audited and has maintained this for over 30 years.


Banbury Postiche is proud to have been chosen as the official training head supplier for UK Skills . Banbury Postiche prides itself on quality and service, and has had a long association with the competition. The heads and pieces have been specially chosen to give you outstanding results.


With a heritage spanning more than a century Banbury Postiche is at the fore front of the wig making industry, being the favourite supplier to independent wig makers and research development companies. Proudly serving our customers with the most innovative, reliable products on the market. At Banbury Postiche our company ethos is simple, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Here at Banbury Postiche, we offer a unique service, whereby our skilful technicians use the finest quality European hair to match any colour, length, and curl.

Pattern matched prepared hair is sold as 25-gram tied bundles. When ordering, the weight and length of the hair is required. Please ensure that you have calculated the correct amount for your project, since this is a bespoke product and shades may vary between batches.

For best results a good-sized sample of hair is required. If matching to a shade chart the result will be as accurate as possible. Our aim is to supply natural hair texture and curl, however if this is not possible a curling service is available.

It has become more difficult to obtain naturally white hair. As an alternative, Belly Yak can be supplied up to 25 centimetres. Yak hair has properties that allows it to be blended with European hair and it can be successfully curled. Yak belly hair can be supplied in white and black.


The curling process produces a permanent curl without the use of chemicals. This is to ensure that the condition of the hair is not affected.  Different curl strengths are available. Please take into consideration, curling will alter the appearance of the hair length.



This bespoke product is marketed towards research and development companies for testing products such as cosmetics and hair appliances.

The swatch weight and length can be made to your exact requirements. Standard sizes start from a hair length of 15 centimetres, weighing 1gram.

Swatches can be finished with; round or flat wax, epoxy resin, rubber or simply cotton bound.

Please ensure you have calculated the right weight and length for your project before placing your order, this helps to ensure consistency. Quotation and delivery times are available upon request.



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